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Middle and after high school I got into the DJ era life, I wanted to spin music, get the cool lights and provide great entertainment to weddings, schools and corp. functions. Now

that I have grown with my people skills and talking on a mic and learning to make DJ Gig Logs. I realized that Youtube and making vlogs was my next thing, that's how I incorporated it into my DJ era and life. Made weekly videos and travel videos (when the money was right) and make short DJ gig logs on events I did, and grew my skills along the way with the videos. It sure felt like I was learning and growing with

this mid era I was in. But then life moves on and you meet a girl and now that Kayla and I are married This is when I felt a career change for myself and being around for her more. But my next blog with Tie in on how I got around to the Podcasting and Video blogging which soon turned into my actual career choice.

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