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Now, This business is how it's all possible for myself and the skills that I have built from here. When I blogged about my friend Kyle Davis recording his show the Davis Sports Feud podcast and I did every episode video, Allison was always curious as why we were laughing up a storm and doing what we did, Well that's when she was interested to learn more about us and my videos. She saw one video that I edited and she immediately wanted to pull me on board with Edge, Now I screamed like a little girl and had a blank frozen stare on my face for 5 seconds but this is how it changed my view and true career choice for myself. I to had passion and excitment for the company I remember the 1st studio/office location they were in, to the 2nd location and then located in downtown Milwaukee. Now for 2+ Years they went from 2 shows to 20+ about now with the network, along with a new Wisconsin Podcast Association service to connect with other podcasters in the state. Now I have learned and grown since my first video with Allison, but the projects and people I get to meet is a great honor to do for the business, I could not to think about college and spend 2-4yrs learing what I'm doing in this world today. Her Ideas, her short turnaround schedules gives me a chance to push my creativity. Without me sharing the video to Allison I would of never been where I am today. Producing a Live Stream for charity, editing podcast videos and logo animations is a great job to do with Edge Media and Edge Podcst Network.

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