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Open Door to New Beginnings

Well this took place back in February 2018, there is video proof of all this, search Davis Sports Feud on Youtube. But this is where it began for me. I remember when I heard a radio add on 97.3 Radio Now when that was a radio station like KISS FM and THE MIX here in Milwaukee. I had to reach out to Wes McKane and find out about the studio and the podcast service, due to my buddy Kyle Davis has a podcast show (The Davis Sports Feud) it will soon come back, keep following me socially!! but he wanted a place to walk into a studio and record a sports podcast and share it all over. So I told him hey come meet Wes and the owner Allison to really understand how their service worked. He was very suspicious but I said this is Wes McKane bro.... Finally he saw the first ever, Yes the first ever location birth for Edge Podcast Network. And immediately he was pumped of what I did to get his foot in, and I knew it was going to work out. finally they had the 1st recording, and I said let's make sure we video it to leave teasers and promos and more, (this is where Allison heard about me and the gang) they have done a few episodes and I got a few videos done where we piggy backed off of a episode recorded and posted it right away. That's when Allison wanted to see who we were and what I did cause she heard I made videos ASAP of the show. She saw one video I did for the Davis Sports Feud and she immedietly knew I was here video dude. She wanted me to record and edit projects for Edge Podcast Network. And since then I have built an amazing portfolio, and now on this kick-ass website that shares my stories and projects created and ones that I have come up with.

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