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I never Thought that 10years ago I got to see, learn and experience what it was like in the media field. I never thought in High School we could learn videography and the Facts on making videos for broadcasting and lighting and so much more. 10 Years later I wish that this technology was back then. I had to deal with Mini DV tapes of a camcorder and be able to learn for myself of script writing and more, this is all I really needed to start. Why did I not pursue? Well.... I didn't want to spend years in College. It's just not who I am. I can motivate my self to make the impossible... Possible. This is starting to become a thing now I'm thinking. Anyways... I do feel proud that I had the opportunity to get my people skills and Emcee skills down as a DJ before this, I'm never afraid to get in front of a camera and or making someone laugh for the random things I do and share. Being able to bring back what I truly want to pursue is happening now. And my next blog will explain that working with Allison Phillips

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